So, I feel like I need to say something regarding Dr. Immanuel’s “speech/testimony” on YouTube. The problem with her message is that she totally discounted and disregarded the public health message for COVID-19 prevention. She said don’t wear masks. She said there is a cure. 


First of all, if there is a cure, people would not be dying. But what’s most harmful with her message is when she’s saying don’t wear a mask. So, she is assuming two things:

  1. Everyone has access to this “cure”. We have to remember that everyone does not have healthcare access even if there is a cure. 
  2. She’s assuming that people want to get sick because there is a cure.

I don’t know about you, but even if she has a “cure”, I don’t want to get sick! On top of that I can’t afford to get sick! Do you have 3 months out of your life to recover from this Covid disease? And that’s a minimum 3 months to recover… if you recover completely from this disease. It’s just like saying oh, we have a cure for syphilis. So, go around and have unprotected sex because we have a cure for syphilis, or any other STD for that matter (but there are no cures for some STDS… we won’t get into that at this time). Now do you wanna go ahead and catch syphilis because they have a cure? If you want to catch syphilis because they have a cure then that’s a whole other discussion that we have to have. 


But I say all this to say that public health messaging is critical to supporting the health of our nation. We must protect individuals from getting the disease in the first place.

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Stay healthy,


Dr. Nicolle

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