The Surprising Health Benefits of Bathing

Hello and welcome to Motivation and Mindset Mondays! Today, let’s talk about the surprising health benefits of bathing. Soaking in a warm tub doesn’t just feel good. Bath time can provide a wide variety of mental and physical health benefits.


We all know how good it feels to soak in a nice warm tub – especially after a long day – but did you know that there are several health benefits to taking a soak? Whether you’re a bath lover who loves a long soak to unwind after a long day or a bath hater who hates the water to the point of avoiding it at all costs, there are many health benefits to taking a warm bath.


If you’ve taken a warm bath or shower recently (which I hope you have), you’ve most likely noticed the effects it has on your mood and energy levels. There’s a reason most people associate bathing with relaxation and calmness: a warm bath or shower stimulates the endocrine system and increases blood circulation. These benefits won’t only help you feel refreshed and relaxed, research is proving that a warm bath can also positively influence weight loss and fitness.


For many people, the physical and mental health benefits of taking a warm bath can’t be measured in pounds or inches. It’s the “feel good” factor that makes it so hard to resist the urge to jump into a warm and soothing bath. The health benefits of a warm bath can range from relieving stress and enhancing your energy, to increasing feelings of well-being and improving your sleep cycle.


Sure, doctors in ancient Rome may have overestimated the therapeutic powers of the water cure. Regardless of what Hippocrates said, you probably don’t want to rely on a bath to cure pneumonia, but you can still find relief for less serious ailments. Just ensure you rinse off completely, dry your skin gently, and get out of the tub after about 10 to 15 minutes to avoid dry skin. Prepare to unwind with plain warm water or fancy bombs and salts. Learn more about how to enjoy the medicinal value of bathing.

Physical Health Benefits of Bathing

1. Boost circulation.

Hydrotherapy increases blood flow and may strengthen your immune system. To try it at home, splash yourself with cold water while sitting in a warm tub.


2. Pamper your feet.

If you’re short on time or conserving water, you can still get your feet wet. Fill a basin with warm water and add a few drops of peppermint oil.


3. Soothe your skin.

Experiment with bath products and natural ingredients known to stop itching, treat sunburn, or moisturize your skin. If you sat too long in the sun, dip into cool water with two cups of vinegar. Try cornstarch or milk for dry skin.


4. Reduce congestion.

Steam is a natural antidote for congestion when you have allergies or a cold. If breathing in a steamy bathroom isn’t enough, wrap a towel around your head and lower it over a bowl of hot water to help break up and loosen mucus. Eucalyptus oil or mustard powder can help the process too.


5. Lower a fever.

If you’re running a fever, you may be able to cool off with a sponge bath. Use warm water because cold water or alcohol can make your temperature drop too quickly.


6. Banish body aches.

Did you overdo it at the gym? Add a cup or two of Epsom salts to your bathwater to shrink inflamed tissues and relieve soreness.


7. Give birth.

What if you’re expecting? The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says that birthing pools might have some benefits during the first stage of labor. Advocates claim warm water can reduce pain and accelerate labor.

Mental Health Benefits of Bathing

1. Fight depression.

Immersing yourself in warm water raises serotonin and endorphin levels. Those are two of the main brain chemicals associated with happiness and wellbeing.


2. Relieve stress.

Soaking away tension may be the first thing that comes to mind. Dim the lights, turn off your phone, and slather yourself with a fragrant moisturizer afterwards.


3. Continue learning.

Prop your head on a bath pillow and read a book or listen to a lecture on audiotape. Acquiring knowledge and insights can sharpen your thinking and may even protect you from certain forms of dementia.


4. Sleep better.

Warming up in the bathtub before bed raises your core temperature. When you start to cool off, your body will produce melatonin that makes you feel sleepy. That good night’s rest is good for your mind and body.


5. Feel connected.

Psychologists at Yale found some evidence that loneliness makes us bathe more because our brains associate physical warmth with the affection we may be missing. Try taking a bath while you’re working on your relationships.


6. Make minor adjustments.

Add essential oils into the mix for whatever results you want. For example, chamomile tends to be calming while rosemary stimulates memory.


Enhance your overall wellbeing while you clean up. Hop into the tub to enjoy some refreshment and healing.


Bathing may improve your health in a number of ways. Aside from being generally comforting, bathing is a simple and effective way to keep your body and mind healthy and strong.

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Please talk with your doctor about any complementary health approaches, including supplements, you use. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


Stay healthy,


Dr. Nicolle

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